Wooden windows


Thanks to their appearance and ecological aspects wooden windows are a good alternative to PVC windows. Wood is a raw material that not only brings warmth, lightness and naturalness to the rooms, but also has a good effect on our health.

The advantages of wooden windows

Currently produced wooden windows are modern constructions that are warm and energy-saving. They are usually equipped with at least one gasket, envelope fittings and insulated glazing, thanks to which they are very tight. Due to that energy efficient windows effectively insulate against external noise and provide excellent thermal insulation. Wooden windows also have a stiffer structure than PVC windows, because they are made of three or four layers of wood with alternating ring pattern. Profiles constructed in this way do not distort under the influence of moisture changes in the surroundings. During production, natural defects of wood are removed, which significantly increases the durability of windows. Energy efficient windows that are made of wood can also be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and their color can be changed during use. Wooden windows are an ecological product not only because of the natural material of which they're made of, but also due to the use of water-based paints.

Innovative woodwork technologies by POL-SKONE

Many years of experience allowed us to become one of the largest wooden windows manufacturers in Poland. We constantly create and improve our offer based on ecological and durable wood. Our products are high quality warm windows made of pine and oak wood as well as combination of wood and aluminum. The windows that we create are characterized by modern stylistics and excellent technical parameters. They are equipped with solid panes and on request can also be laminated, sound-absorbing, ornamental, dyed in mass (Antisol), self-cleaning or can have the "mirror effect" (Stopsol). Thanks to the use of durable paints, a three-layer covering system, a transparent four-shell system as well as fittings, gaskets and drip caps, our wooden windows are resistant to atmospheric conditions.

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