Wooden Shutters


Wooden shutters are a very interesting solution that can be an original addition to any elevation, regardless of style and period. In addition to visual values, the shutters also have many utility functions.

Functions and types of shutters

In addition to attractive appearance wooden shutters also have many utility functions. On sunny days, they effectively protect the interior from excessive heating. They also provide good protection against rain, hail, snow or wind. They secure window joinery from damage by increasing its thermal insulation. The POL-SKONE offer includes shutters made of pine or oak wood that are constructed with the use of slats. They can be used both in windows and on balcony doors. The availability of color palettes convergent with the range of window frames allows you to choose shutters in the same color as windows. An interesting solution is the use of wooden shutters in the color of some other building element, for example roofing. A wide range of paints makes it possible to implement any color composition concept. For any shutters you can select one of three available variants of the hinge decor, you can also choose the type of closure - single or central.

Mounting methods

There are three ways to mount the shutters. The first one is to attach the shutter to the window frame - after closing the shutter completely hides in the wall, which provides good protection against various types of weather conditions. The second option is fixing the shutter on a separate frame. This option increases the aesthetic values of the window and allows its functionality to be preserved. The last option is fastening the shutter to the wall. This is the most traditional way of installing shutters, you should remember, however, to install wooden beams to the facade to reduce the space between the wall and the window shutter hardware.

POL-SKONE quality

Functionality, beauty, aesthetics and high quality of the POL-SKONE products have been appreciated by both customers and professionals. We constantly create and improve our offer based on ecological and durable wood. We make every effort to meet the requirements of our customers and at the same time take good care of the natural environment.

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