Technical doors


Technical doors SR 37 SR 42

The doors are designed for us as internal entrance doors in residential buildings, collective dwellings, public utility and industrial buildings. As determined in the PN-B-91000:1996 standard, they are used to close openings in internal walls between staircases or corridors and rooms.

Rebated system door leaf. The door leaf structure consists of a rail and stile set made of coniferous wood, topped with MDF boards on both sides. The in-fill is mad of a special POL-SKONE structure. The rated thickess of the door leaf is 50 mm for 37 dB and 57 mm for 42 dB (double leaf door are sold at individual request).


  • single leaf door: Rw = 37 dB
  • double leaf door: Rw = 42 dB
  • mechanical class 4


  • pivot hinges, adjustable in 3 planes
  • cylinder lock
  • oak threshold with an aluminium strip preventing excessive wear and tear of single leaf door
  • drop down seal for double leaf door


  • aluminium decors, other decorations
  • surface-mounted or concealed door closer
  • additional mortise or surface-mounted lock
  • averse action electric strike lock
  • surface-mounted solenoid valves
  • wide-angle peephole
  • rigid or loose chain
  • cylinders


  • single leaf door: "100" size: max width 1112 mm, max. height - 2175 mm
  • double leaf door: "100+100" size: max width - 2152 mm; max height - 2175 mm



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