Technical doors


Technical doors SOUNDPROOF

A SOUNDPROOF single leaf door in rebated system.
The door leaf structure consists of a rail and stile set made of coniferous wood topped with HDF board. The core is made of a solid chipboard (A type) or special POL-SKONE structure (B type). The door leaf is provided with a drop seal.


With wooden frame:

  • class Rw=27 dB (A type); class Rw=32 dB (B type)

With metal frame:

  • class Rw=27 dB (A type); class Rw=32 dB (B type)

with adjustable DIN frame:

  • class Rw=27 dB (A type); class Rw=37 dB (B type)

ITB technical approval: AT - 15-6411/2016


  • Single-point mortise lock, key-operated or for a cylinder
  • Adjustable pivot hinges – 3 units
  • Drop seal

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT (at an extra charge)

  • Antipanic lever
  • Surface mounted door closer
  • Electronic locks
  • Electric door strike (reverse or averse action)
  • Decors
  • Plates with access control system
  • H version woodgrain (only on the surface)


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