Technical doors


Technical doors GAMMA

Mechanical class: mechanical resistance requirement class 3, i.e. heavy service conditions

Acoustic insulation: class 37 dB

Technical approval No. AT-15-9462/2015

Rebated system. The door leaf is made of a coniferous wood rail and stile set topped on both sides with 5 mm thick HDF board with 1 mm thick lead insert (2 mm in total for the leaf). The core consists of a chipboard.
The door is designed for public utility (hospitals, clinics, consulting rooms), industrial and warehouse buildings as interior entrance doors used to close openings within interior walls between a corridor and rooms where X-ray radiation is emitted.


  • Single-point mortise lock
  • Pivot hinges adjustable in 3 planes (max width “100”) – 4 units
  • Object, angular hinges (width “110”) – 3 units
  • Drop seal

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT (at an extra charge)

  • Stainless steel panels glued to the door leaf bottom side or at the handle height
  • Door closer
  • Electric strike
  • Antipanic lever
  • Electromagnetic lock
  • “110” size



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