Technical doors


Technical doors FIRE-RATED EI30

The doors are designed for use as internal entrance doors in residential buildings, collective dwellings, public utility and indus-
trial buildings. They are used to close openings in internal walls, between staircases or corridors and rooms, as determined in
the PN-B-91000:1996 standard.


  • Fire resistance EI230
  • Acoustic insulation: the single leaf type: Rw = 32 dB, 42 dB; the double leaf type: Rw = 27 dB
  • Mechanical class: mechanical resistance requirement class 3, i.e. heavy service conditions


  • Single leaf door: max. “100” door width – 1112 mm, max. height - 2175 mm; double leaf door: max. “100+100” door width – 2152 mm, max. height - 2175 mm
  • Doors of non-standard width and height are available upon consultation with the POL-SKONE sales department.
  • Sidelights: max. width: 944 mm, height: 2175 mm.
  • Toplight: max. width: 2152 mm, max. height: 425 mm


  • Rebated system door leaf. The door leaf structure consists of a rail and stile set made of coniferous wood, topped with MDF board on both sides. The core is made of a special POL-SKONE structure. The rated thickness of the door leaf is 50 mm.


  • Plain, painted, veneered surface; covered with 0.2 - 0.7 mm thick CPL laminate, 0.7 - 1.0 mm HPL laminate, wood look-alike foil.
    Flat decors, decors made of decorative profile mouldings, aluminium decors and decorative milled flutes are available.


  • Fixed pine wood frame - optionally provided with masking strips and  a shoe moulding or an adjustable wooden frame with
    widening panels, architraves and a masking strip.
    The door frame can be painted, veneered or covered with a foil matching the colour of the door leaf.


  • Transparent glass with the EI30 fire resistance.
  • The oak frame comes painted, veneered or covered with a foil matching the colour of the door leaf.

Standard Equipment

  • Pivot hinges, adjustable in 3 planes, from OTLAV
  • Main cylinder lock
  • Drop seal (version 42 dB – two drop seals)

Auxiliary Equipment:

  • Surface-mounted or hidden door closer
  • Electronic hotel locks. The exemplary manufacturers and lock types are:
      ∙ 8002, 8006, 8005, 8008 from LOB
      ∙ IT5600, IT5600P from TAyAMA
      ∙ 737G model 1000, model 2000, model 3000 from LOB
      ∙ Types 710 II, E-760, E-790 from KABA ILCO
      ∙ MIWA AL5H from MIWA LOCK Company Ltd
      ∙ SIGNATURE and CLASSIC from vingCard
  • Electric motor locks EL 560 or EL 561 from ABLOY with a cable gland EA 281 installed on the hinge side
  • Additional mortise or surface-mounted lock
  • Anti-panic levers from DORMA, FAPIM
  • Plates with access control from SALTO or WANDEX
  • Surface-mounted solenoid keepers from ASSA ABLOY, DORMA or GEZE
  • Solenoid holders from GEZE or DORMA
  • Averse action 447 series electric strike lock from DORMA, 118F.14 from EFFEFF
  • Reverse action electric strike lock ELP-009, ELP-018 from BIRA, compatible with the additional lock
  • Wide-angle viewer
  • Rigid, loose chain
  • Oak threshold
  • Mortise reed switch
  • Polished or brushed stainless steel 300 mm high panels, provided at the bottom of the door leaf or at the handle height

The doors are installed by means of rock mineral wool or fire protection foam featuring the fire resistance of min. EI30.

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