Technical doors


Technical doors DECO INVEST

The door is designed for residential, public utility, industrial and warehouse buildings as interior door used to close opening with with interior walls between rooms.

Rebated door leaf: rail and stile set made of coniferous woord, topped with HDF boards on both sides. The in-fill consists of perforated chipboard.


  • mechanical class 2
  • door leaf finish: plain surface covered with CPL 0,15 (LAMISTONE); CPL 0,2 CPL 0,5, CPL 0,7 or 0,8 mm thick HPL laminate.


  • transparent or matt 4 mm thick tempered glass


  • mortise lock with a stainless steel front face: key-operated, for a cylinder or a bathroom lock
  • three-piece reinforced hinges - 3 pcs
  • reinforcement the door closer
  • stainless steel safety strip for the door leaf edge (the lock side and the hinge side)


  • stainless steel ventilation grill
  • roller lock, stainless steel door pull
  • stainless steel panels glued to the bottom of the door leaf or at the handle height


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