Technical doors


Technical doors have special properties that ensure comfort and safety in apartments and houses as well as in commercial and public buildings.

Special purpose doors

Technical doors are used for special applications. Among the most popular models are soundproof doors, fire safety doors and acoustic doors. Their construction and structure is appropriately strengthened and should have a Technical Approval issued by a research unit, for example by the Building Research Institute.

Types of technical doors

Technical doors available in the POL-SKONE offer are models with sound insulation and fire protection properties, there are also special purpose doors (for swimming pools and for X-ray laboratories). Soundproofing models, depending on the type, provide different levels of acoustic protection, which can be particularly useful in homes adjacent to busy streets. In addition to effective noise protection, this type of door can also have some additional accessories that increase the level of protection against burglary. Intra-frame doors are designed for use in public buildings with high traffic and for industrial and warehouse buildings. They are especially recommended for schools, kindergartens and hospitals. Acoustic doors are used as interior entrance doors in residential, industrial or public utility buildings. They can be equipped with additional locks, electric locks or surface electromagnetic valves, which guarantees the safety of the household members. Fire doors should have adequate fire resistance. They can be either full or glazed, but models with glazing must have fire-resistant glass. Fire safety doors should contain specific elements - a high temperature swell gasket and reinforced hinges, which also increase the everyday comfort of using the door.

POL-SKONE - door manufacturer with years of experience

Creating wooden doors and windows is our passion, which we have been developing for 28 years. We are constantly improving our offer, using ecological and durable wood, because we know that this material not only brings warmth, lightness and naturalness to the rooms, but also has a positive impact on our health. Technical doors from our offer are products you can rely on.

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