Interior doors


Interior doors HAPTIC

The door is made of a wooden rail and stile set topped with two flush HDF boards covered with UNI-MAT surface finish. The core constists of a honeycomb-like stabilizing layer. UNI-MAT surface is characterised by a silky haptics and special coating resistant to fingerprints.


  • White/brown matt tempered glass 4 mm,
  • Single-point mortise lock (rebated system) or magnetic mortise lock (non-rebated system), key-operated, for a cylinder or a bathroom lock
  • Hinges: B type – for the DIN system frame, D type – for the wooden frame, M type – for the metal frame or the DUO concealed type (“60”-“80” – 2 units; “90” – 3 units)

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT (at an extra charge)

  • Size “100” (glazing decoration applicable as in “90”)
  • Size “110” (glazing decoration applicable as in “90”)
  • Core made of perforated chipboard
  • Core made of solid chipboard
  • Adjustable pivot hinges, third hinge in the door leaf: 
    B type, D type, K type, C type, M type for “60”-“80” width
    DUO concealed type for “60”-“80” width
  • Rail and stile set (it allows shortening the door leaf to 50 mm on a do-it-yourself basis)  
  • Rail and stile set (it allows shortening the door leaf to 90 mm on a do-it-yourself basis) 
  • Reinforcement for door closer (not applicable to W13 version)
  • Protection of the bottom rail and stile set against excessive humidity
  • Door lower by 50 mm or 100 mm
  • Door higher by 50 mm or 100 mm
  • Door higher by 150 mm or 200 mm
  • Ventilation trim
  • Tempered glass: 04, 02, 05 versions.


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