Interior doors


Interior doors HAPPY

The door is made of a wooden rail and stile set topped with two flush HDF boards covered with ecological acrylic paint (RAL and NCS colour palette).
In A/Z and Z versions one side of the cross rail serves as a magnetic school board (black colour board), the other side of the cross rail is painted in the colour of the door or both sides of the panel are painted in the colour of the door (without the magnetic board).


  • Laminated matt safety glass, 6.4 mm thick
  • Single-point mortise lock, key-operated, for a cylinder or a bathroom lock
  • Hinges: K type – for the DIN system frame, C type – for the wooden frame, M type – for the metal frame or the DUO concealed type (“60”-“80” – 2 units, “90” – 3 units)
  • The door closer is not applicable

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT (at an extra charge)

  • Size “100”
  • Third hinge in the door leaf:
    K type, C type, M type  for “60”-“80” width
    DUO concealed type for “60”-“80” width
  • Protection of the bottom rail and stile set against excessive humidity (not applicable to door leaves with ventilation trim)
  • Non-standard door shortening (maximum door shortening available: up to 60 mm)
  • Door lower by 50 mm
  • Door higher by 50 mm
  • Ventilation trim



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