Interior doors


Interior doors ARCO

The door is made of a high-quality MDF rail and stile set covered with the ECO TOP, SILKSTONE surface with vertical wood grain. Panels have horizontal wood grain. W03, W07, W08 patterns with horizontal wood grain and W05, W06 patterns with vertical.
The top and the bottom edge of the door leaf is secured with veneer.


  • White/brown matt glass, 4 mm thick
  • Single-point mortise lock, key-operated, for cylinder, or for bathroom lock
  • Hinges: B type – for the DIN system frame, D type – for the MDF or wooden frame, M type – for the metal frame (“60”-”90” – 3 units)
  • The door closer is not applicable

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT (at an extra charge)

  • Non-standard door shortening (maximum available door shortening: up to 60 mm):
    door shorter to 30 mm (the lower element of the door has a nonstandard height)
    door shorter by 40-60 mm (the upper and the lower element of the door has a non-standard height)
  • Door lower by 50 mm
  • Ventilation trim
  • Laminated glass (applies to 1 glass):
    W02 version
    W2D, W3D version
    W5S version
    W6 version



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