Interior doors


Interior doors should be matched primarily to the style of a given interior and the size of a particular room, but not only - doors should also match floors, walls, windows and furniture. As one of the most renowned wooden doors manufacturers in Poland we offer a wide selection of high-quality wooden internal doors with excellent technical parameters.

Interior doors and other home furnishings

The appearance of the door is a very important factor when comes to choosing the right model. There's no doubt that doors should please the household members and compose well with other home furnishings. There are two basic types of doors offered by door manufacturers - full and glazed. Full wings are great choice for bright, spacious interiors, they also work well in rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms and offices, where privacy is necessary. Internal doors of this type are also worth choosing if we want to divide any particular space in a clear way. Models with glazing are in turn a great solution for small and poorly lit rooms, because their biggest advantage is the huge amount light that comes into the room through them. A properly lighted room looks warmer and appears larger than it really is.

A wealth of designs

In our offer you will find internal doors in rebated or non-rebated systems, with the possibility of surface finishing with ecological acrylic paints in non-metallic RAL and NCS colors. Doors can also be finished with wood-like veneers, CPL laminates or can have veneered surface covered with additional UV varnish, increasing their resistance to scratches and exposure to light. Our offer includes a wide variety of wing sizes and additional accessories. Thanks to the rich palette of designs and colors, choosing the right model won't be a problem.

POL-SKONE quality

POL-SKONE is a company that for over 28 years of its activity has become one of the largest and most dynamically developing companies in the woodwork industry. Internal doors from our offer are manufactured from ecological and durable wood, which not only brings warmth, lightness and naturalness to the rooms, but also positively affects our health.

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