A door handle is, contrary to appearances, a very important part of the interior furnishings. It plays both aesthetic and functional role. Models of door handles available on the market can be divided into three groups - traditional, stylized and modern. How to choose the right handle and what to pay attention to?

Handles suitable for the style of the door

The handle should be matched primarily to the style of the door. Large and massive door leaf should be equipped with a suitably large handle, which should also correspond to the style of the door. If the door wing contains decorative elements, then you should choose the door handle that has similar style. The choice depends also on the interior design: modern models or cheap PVC handles will definitely not fit into traditional interior designs. In turn, for interiors maintained in a traditional style, we shouldn't choose handles with a modern design. In this case, the material that will be appropriate is brass or wood.

Types of door handles and their construction

Door handles, due to their purpose, can be divided into two types - for internal and external doors. The first group will have simpler construction, while handles used for external doors will usually have various types of burglary protection. A very important element of the construction of the handle, to which you should also pay attention, is the escutcheon. It should have an appropriate certificate and a classification code that informs about the use category, durability, door weight, fire resistance, safety, corrosion resistance, protection and type of operation. Each factor has certain values assigned to it which can be found on the handle. A very important issue, which is often omitted when choosing door handles, is the right choice of shape. Before making any purchase, you should try the handle you plan to buy and check how it feels in your hand, so that you'd buy only handles that are comfortable to use.

POL-SKONE handles

The wide range of door handles we have in our offer allows you to find the perfect model for your needs. Different shapes, colors, designs - door handles that we offer will certainly be an effective complement to each door model.

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