Exterior doors


Exterior doors ELEGANT PLUS

Heat transmission coefficient: Ud=1.4 W/m2K*

Rebated system. Door frame made of pine or oak glued laminated wood, 68 mm thick. The core consists of a glass pane set and a decorative thermal insulation panel.


  • Ug=1.0 W/m2K glass pane set with Termo TGI frame
  • Low oak threshold, 20 mm
  • Wooden drip cap
  • Double rubber weather strips system
  • Frame: pine wood
  • 4-point FUHR lock strip (2 girts and 2 hooks) activated with a handle with two cylinders
  • Screwed-in hinges adjustable in three planes – 4 units
  • Anti-burglary bolts

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT (at an extra charge)

  • Oak wood door
  • Coloured panes, ornaments and other
  • Covers for hinges - 1 set (2 units per one hinge)
  • Class 6 cylinder (class C): 35G/55 (for outside opened door), 55G/35 (for inside opened door) (set consists of 2 units with a knob)


  • Heat transmission coefficient: Ud=1.4 W/m2K* for door 03 version (selected pine wood), in accordance with PN-EN 14351-1+A1:2010
  • Class P4 anti-burglar glazing set combined with the transparent glass pane with the heat transfer coefficient of Ug=1.0 W/m2K in accordance with EN 673



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