Exterior doors


Exterior doors ELEGANT INOX

Heat transmission coefficient: Ud=1.4 W/m2K*

The door leaf in rebated system. Door frame made of pine or oak glued laminated wood, 68 mm thick. The core consists of thermal insulation panel and pane, stainless steel INOX application is attached on both sides of the thermal insulation panel.


  • Low oak threshold, 20 mm
  • A double seal system (on the perimeter of the leaf and the frame)
  • Pane package: anti-burglar pane with Chromatech Ultra warm frame
  • Screwed-in hinges adjustable in three planes – 4 units
  • Anti-burglary bolts
  • 4-point FUHR lock strip (2 girts and 2 hooks) activated with a handle with two cylinders

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT (at an extra charge)

  • Coloured panes, ornaments and other
  • Covers for hinges - 1 set (2 units per one hinge)
  • Class 6 cylinder (class C): 35G/55 (for outside opened door), 55G/35 (for inside opened door) (set consists of 2 units with a knob)


  • Heat transmission coefficient: Ud=1.4 W/m2K* for doors of width of "90" for selected pine in all designs, in accordance with PN-EN 14351-1+A1:2010
  • Class P4 anti-burglar glazing set combined with the transparent glass pane with the heat transfer coefficient of Ug=1.2 W/m2K in accordance with EN 673



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