Exterior doors


When choosing exterior doors to the house, you should pay special attention to parameters such as thermal insulation, acoustic protection and resistance to burglary. This choice directly translates into the level of comfort and safety of your household, which is the main reason to choose front doors only from renowned door manufacturers.

Elegant and secure exterior doors

Front door is a showcase for every home and as such should be matched to the style of the house. Don't forget though that external doors must also provide adequate protection - against burglary, outside noise and cold. That's why it's very important to choose a model that has good enough parameters to ensure the comfort of the household members. The POL-SKONE offer consists of the highest quality external doors, which will be an elegant addition to any home, guaranteeing safety and comfort.

Front doors with anti-burglary protection

We offer robust, durable wooden exterior doors with anti-burglary protection that can be mounted outside or inside the building. The sash can be made of pine stile reinforced with a steel profile and clad with two wood-like boards covered with natural oak veneer. The filling is a heat-insulating layer. Models containing glass elements are equipped with anti-burglary glass. At customer's request windows can be colored or reflective. There is also a possibility of adding ornaments. The anti-burglary parameter can be met only if cylinder inserts and handles with appropriate anti-burglary class are used. All the offered models are available in various designs and colors, which allows you to perfectly match the door to your needs.

POL-SKONE quality

POL-SKONE is a wooden doors manufacturer that is present on the market since 1990. Our offer includes wooden interior and exterior doors, entrance doors, technical doors and wooden windows, door frames, door and floor moldings, as well as shutters and frames. Our goal is to manufacture products of a quality that meets the expectations of customers and to become their trusted partner. Functionality, beauty, aesthetics and high quality are the features of our products that both customers and professionals highly appreciate.

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