Entrance doors


Entrance doors ANTI-BURGLAR RC 3

The door is designed for closing openings inside buildings. It can be used as internal entrance door leading from corridors or staircases to apartments in multifamily buildings, to residential rooms in collective dwellings and to rooms in public utility buildings.
The door is made of a wooden rail and stile set topped with two HDF boards. The core consists of a special POL-SKONE infill structure.
The door leaf is 50 mm thick.

Anti-burglary resistance: class RC3
Acoustic insulation: class Rw=32 dB
Mechanical class 4
Technical approval: AT-15-7560/2013


  • Fixed wood or metal frame
  • 20 mm high oak threshold
  • Strip type mortise four-point bolt lock (2 bolts, 2 hooks), spacing: 92 mm, colour: silver
  • Pivot hinges adjustable in 3 planes in silver colour – 4 units
  • Anti-burglar bolts – 5 units
  • A hole drilled for the GARDA handle (92 mm spacing)


  • Metal frame:
    door leaf (dimensions in rebate): 924x2022 mm
    door (on the external side of the door frame) 1004x2071 mm
  • Wooden frame:
    door (on the external side of the door frame): 1012x2075 mm
  • Optional (wooden frame): 880x1950 mm; 880x2000 mm; 880x2075 mm; 980x1950 mm; 980x2000 mm; 980x2075 mm; 1012x1950 mm; 1012x2000 mm
  • 90 Plus width – 1024x2075 mm (1032x2075 in wooden frame), it gives a clear opening of min. 900 mm with a door opening angle of 90 degrees

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT (at an extra charge)

  • SILKSTONE CPL surface
  • Adjustable wooden frame
  • GARDA rosette
  • Class 3 GARDA handle (92 mm spacing)
  • Class 6 cylinders
  • Viewer
  • Adaptability of the ES1 averse electric door strike by Bira (with metal door frame)

NOTE! To ensure that the door meets anti-burglar specifications, door handles should comply with min. class 3 anti-burglar resistance rating in accordance with the PN-EN 1906:2012 standard whereas door lock cylinders should comply with min. class 4 key-related resistance rating and min. class 1 attack resistance rating according to the PN-EN 1303:2007+AC:2008 standard.



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