Entrance doors


Front doors should have a solid construction and parameters that ensure effective protection against outside noise and possible burglary. Their appearance is also not without significance - it should correspond with the general style of the house while simultaneously being pleasant to the eye.

Exterior doors - a showcase for every house

The front door is a showcase for every home, so choosing the right model is extremely important. Usually when making a choice, we are trying to match the color and style to the interior or to the appearance of the staircase. It's worth to remember though that in addition to the desired appearance exterior doors should also have appropriate technical parameters that will provide us with comfort and safety. That's why you should choose doors from reliable door manufacturers. POL-SKONE, as one of the largest wooden door manufacturers in Poland, offers only products you can count on - check our selection of quality doors!

Solid and elegant front doors

We offer robust entrance doors that can be used in corridors or staircases leading to apartments in multi-family buildings or rooms in public buildings. Solid construction based on a wooden stile and clad with two HDF boards, filling made of perforated plate or a special POL-SKONE construction are just some of the features of products available in our offer. The standard equipment may include a metal or solid wooden frame, a slat lock, pintle hinges, balancing bolts and an oak threshold. The entrance doors from our offer have high resistance to burglary and good acoustic insulation - selected models are also fire resistant and grant smoke tightness. Large palette of available colors allows you to perfectly match the door to your needs. All models in our offer have the appropriate Technical Approval and certificates confirming their high quality.

Many years of experience in woodwork industry

We manufacture high quality wooden windows and doors since 1990 and as one of the largest wooden doors manufacturers in Poland we constantly improve the offer. Our doors are based on ecological and durable wood - a raw material that brings not only warmth, lightness and naturalness to the rooms, but also has a positive impact on our health. Front doors that we offer are highest quality products with proper anti-burglary and sound insulation parameters. Functionality, beauty, aesthetics and high quality of our products have been appreciated by both customers and professionals. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our full offer!

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