Door frames


When choosing a door for the house we often focus only on the selection of appropriate models of door wings. Quite often we completely forget about the door frame, which plays a very important role - an element emphasizing the door's qualities.

Types of door frames

The door frame is an integral element of the door system, which should be matched primarily to the wall in which it will be embedded. Due to this fact the frames available on the market are divided into two basic groups: fixed ones and adjustable ones. Fixed models have a specific width adjusted to the standard wall thickness. Adjustable frames can be easily adjusted to any wall thickness, which makes them very versatile. They work well especially in old buildings, but also in those modern ones, where the thickness of walls is higher than the standard. Adjustable door frames have masking bands that cover the wall on two sides, giving a stylish visual effect. For this reason they can't be mounted on the joints of two perpendicular walls if there is not enough space for their installation. This type of solution will also not work well in small rooms, because the masking bands will be too massive in appearance. In such cases, a solid frame will be much better - it can be further enriched with delicate slats or quarter rounds.

How to choose a door frame?

The door frame should be matched to the style of a given room as well as to the design and color of the door wing, because it's the integral part of doors. It is worth to remember about that especially in case of repairs, when we replace old door wings with the new ones and plan to use the existing frame. The offer of POL-SKONE includes fixed and adjustable door frames made of pine wood, MDF or metal (the latter ones will great in industrial premises). The range of our products includes models with a modern design as well as retro-styled. Thanks to as many as 80 available colors, choosing a perfectly matching shade is not a problem. Painted, veneered, laminated or covered with one of modern coatings door frames - in POL-SKONE offer you will find the model you need.

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