The windows and doors is our passion, which we develop for 28 years. Many years of experience has allowed the company POL-SKONE become a leader in innovative technology, woodwork in Poland. We constantly create and improve our offer on the basis of ecological and durable wood. This material not only brings warmth, lightness and naturalness to the premises, but also has a good effect on our health. Magically natural beauty envelops the space, making the apartment becomes a real kingdom of relaxation and allows you to freely to exceptional, yet avant-garde projects. We make every effort to meet the needs of our customers, and at the same time preserve the environment.

In our offer you will find:

Rich colors and types of surface finishing products Pol-Skone makes it possible to create a unique space. When selecting the woodwork to our home, we do not think only about design, but above all for safety and peace, and therefore beyond the design develop modern designs, and offer you the products with excellent technical parameters.

POL-SKONE Sp. z o.o.

ul. Hanki Ordonówny 8
20-328 Lublin, Poland

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 7 am - 6 pm
Saturday: 7 am - 3 pm

phone:: +48 81 728 52 00
fax: +48 81 744 39 12